Contact Lens Ordering Instructions

  1. Log onto our website at
  2. Your contact lens prescription will appear.
  3. Click on CLICK TO ORDER next to your contact lens prescription
  4. Choose the quantity of lenses you want
  5. Click on CONTINUE ORDER
  6. Choose your shipping address or add new shipping address
  7. Choose the type of shipping you prefer.
  8. Click on CONTINUE ORDER
  9. Choose your billing address or add new billing address
  10. Add your payment information (MasterCard, Visa or Discover)
  11. Click on SUBMIT ORDER
  12. Review the final order – Click on CLICK TO CONFIRM
  13. Your confirmed order will appear along with order number.

Your account will remain active for 1 year from the date of your last exam.
Annual exams are required for contact lens wearers.

Promotions & Discounts
Many contact lens companies offer promotions & discounts (such as rebates and/or free shipping). Please review the PROMOTIONS section of our website to determine if there are any promotional offers for your contact lenses.

Returns and Exchanges
Contact lenses will be accepted for return or exchange in accordance with our terms and conditions. Please refer to our contact lens website for specific details.

Status of Your Order
To determine the status of your order, please either check your online account or call the webstore at 1-800-301-3225.