Keeping Our Patients Safe During COVID-19

As our patient, your health is our top priority. We have taken several measures to keep you, our doctors, our staff and our community safe during these challenging times.

Keeping Our Patients Safe During COVID-19What to Expect at Your Visit

To ensure that social distancing is possible in our waiting rooms, we have restructured our scheduling system so that we are seeing a specific amount of patients in our office and asking patients to fill out necessary forms online.

When you arrive for your appointment, please come exactly at your appointment time
We are only allowing patients to check-in a few minutes before appointment time. Any patient arriving more than 5 minutes earlier from their appointment time, we will kindly ask you to go back outside and wait in your car.

Please come inside alone unless a support person is necessary for mobility or communication purposes. Every patient must have their temperature checked and wear an approved face covering.

For everyone’s health and safety all of our staff are wearing protective equipment, washing their hands frequently and having their temperature checked.

To lower the risk of infection spreading in our community, we have intensified our cleaning procedures and are disinfecting exam rooms and equipment between patients and cleaning all other areas frequently throughout each day. f you have any questions before your visit, please call our office and a member of our staff will be happy to speak with you.


We are also offering convenient Telehealth appointments. Please contact our office for more information.